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Flying Free

The first time I heard of this song is in a mathematic class when I was in high school. I always went to the private math class after school as a way to escape the 5 hours study in the dormitory from 6:40 pm to 11:40 pm. My math teacher has a daughter in USA and he is very proud of her. One day he led us to sing this song. I already forgot all the math I learned but I still remember this song.

I shared a room with my 3 roommates in the dormitory next to the First Girl’s High School. My roommates went to top number one school, I went to number 5th or 6th school. There are about 7 or 8 high schools in total in my city. I was number one in my class though. My roommates glue my number one award on the door so that every time we left or come back to the room we will see that word “Jennifer Lin is number one student in this test”.

My roommates wore beautiful white shirt and black pleaded skirt. I have blue shirt and blue skirt. Everyday when I got off the bus, there is always a group of girls in the white and black uniform waiting to get on the bus. I returned to the dormitory and immediately took off my uniform.

My math teacher knew that I wasn’t proud of my uniform. He is always encouraging. He gave us this strategy: since the English and Math will gain additional 50% more scores in college entrance exams, so just focus on these two subjects. It works. I went to a top university as good as my roommates’. I think there are only 2 or 3 students admitted to college in my high school in the year I graduated. I am one of them.

When I thought of the years in high school. I am always very grateful to my roommates and the math teacher. They believe in me. Life is not easy for a high school student like me. I saw the abusive education system and I was not willing to give in. My roommates dealt with it with grace and determination. I achieved my goal of going to college. It felt like a dream. It was a first transformation in my life. I think I was surrounded by angels that’s why I got wings. I hope I can have more transformations and more blessings.