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How to create a real estate website for your hometown – step 12

Step 12: Configure DNS, add SSL

Before we continue to create a fancy website, we would do some preparations. Building a website sometimes is like building sewage system or a highway or bridge, it requires many ground work and it is nothing fancy. But only with those foundations on the back-end will we have a fantastic website on the front-end.

The Google Domains DNS setting did not configure DNS automatically for you. So here you will need to add a couple of lines so that you have ‘www’ in addition to non-www. If you want your website to show as and not, then you don’t need to do that.

Bluehost gives you free SSL – so that your website will have https in addition to http. This is essential especially when customers are paying with a credit card. It is also a must because Google search engine very soon will show a website only if it is https. Theoretically, it should be already implemented on Bluehost and you don’t need to do anything. But I always find it necessary to click ‘support’ link and chat with a tech support to have SSL re-installed again. So you possibly will need to do the same here. To check whether your SSL is installed correctly, go to and and you will be able to see that.