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How to create a real estate website for your hometown – step 13

After configuring DNS and SSL, we can go to Settings/General and type “” as URL address. In my case, I type “”



Note that without correct DNS and SSL in place, you will run into problems when you change the URL. So, stop here and make sure your DNS and SSL is correct.

Some people prefer a name without www. So here I can also type It is personal preference.  Tech people like it without www arguing it is more concise. Business people like it with www arguing users like it. My perspective is to follow the leader. If you go to major website and see if they use www, then you can see that most major website still have www. For example, amazon will automatically redirect you to if you type ‘’ in URL.

Again, if you encounter any problems, go to Support and chat with Bluehost tech support. They will correct SSL for you and give you instruction on DNS configure in Google Domains. If you encounter DNS problem, then you will chat with Google support. This is what falls short of the partnership. One way to fix it is to sign up domain directly in instead of Google Domains.

Permanent links:

Here we will go to Settings/permanent links and change ‘product’ to ‘home’ so that URL will look consistent with what this website is about.